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Q&A With Wiliam Gibson

Most science fiction concerns our fascination with the future, but The Peripheral is so much more about the future’s fascination with us. What interests you about what the future might think of us?

If there were somehow a way for me to get one body of knowledge from the future—one volume of the great shelf of knowledge of a couple of hundred years from now—I would want to get a history. I would want to get a history book. I would want to know what they think of us. From that, I would be able to infer anything else that I might want to know about the future. The one constant, it seems to me, in looking at how we look at the past, how we have looked at the past before, is that we never see the inhabitants of the past as they saw themselves.

From William Gibson Has No Idea How the Future Will See Us, on Motherboard.

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Stelarc, “Handswriting”, Maki Gallery, Tokyo, 1982
Source: uncube magazine,